About Us

Affiliated to CBSE is an all Girls schools up to 10th .

St. Georgia Girls' School is an institution for the development of the girl child in India. It parts sound knowledge and education to the girl child, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It emphasizes and instills in its students a spirit of freedom, truth, courage and justice making them true citizen of the tomorrow equipped with not only latest methods of education, but technical knowledge and spiritual grace. It encourages the girl child to reach out to the qualities inside and strengthens deep moral values and self esteem. Developed on the pattern of the missionaries, it creates a strong sense of discipline, love and humanity.

Aims and Objectives

To impart education to girls through the medium of English and instill in them the ideals of courage, truth, tolerance and the virtues of an ideal human being. The institute is committed to create an environment of a wide range of learning experiences which are not only curtailed to the class room but reach beyond into the various creative aspects of the child providing a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. The institution aims at providing structures and discipline which are considered necessary by the management for the development of the girl child during her formative years. The institute aims at creating a community of teacher and students imbued with the spirit of freedom, mutual trust and respect.