Instilling Confidence

Music, dance and theater: Particular emphasis is laid on music, dance and theater, Indian classical & folk dance, western music & dance. Instrumental music and singing are offered to students to develop their skills and musical appreciation. Each child takes part in at least one activity at the annual cultural event to develop her confidence on stage.

Clubs and societies: The various clubs and societies like nature club, non-flame cooking club, dramatics club, adventure club, computer club, G.K. club, publication society, literary club and fine arts society are very active. They help girls develop interest in areas like multimedia, web designing & stage performances etc.

Art and Craft: ST. GEORGIA GIRLS' SCHOOL boasts of well­ equipped art & craft studios. Girls enjoy hobby classes of soft toys and doll making, knitting, needle work, weaving, applique work, bead work, book binding, candle making, pottery, sculpture with wood and clay, various kinds of painting, embroidery, textile designing, theater, recycling of paper etc.

Celebration of festivals: We like our students to be modern yet be proud of their heritage and imbibe a strong value system based on mutual respect for other cultures and traditions. Thus we celebrate all festival with equal reverence and fervor.

Creative writing and public speaking Opportunities for creative writing and taking part in debates, recitation and declamation to improve rhetorical skills and eloquence in public speaking are provided. More importantly, girls are encouraged to exhibit these skills. They are escorted to witness various cultural programs and sent to represent the school in co-curricular fixtures hosted by other schools.