Vice Chairman's Message

Girls' schools strive for social change, breaking down barriers contributing to the advancement of society as a whole. In the line St. Georgia Girls' school, the first and only CBSE affiliated girls' school of the district Vaishali, plays a pivotal role in empowering young girls by providing a nurturing environment tailored to their needs, fostering confidence, leadership and academic excellence. The school offers a unique educational experience prioritizing their holistic development in a domain where each student feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. We implement a comprehensive curriculum that not only meets educational standards but goes on with discovering passions , honing skills and aiming to make our girls compassionate global citizens under the guidance of our excellent, committed and innovative faculty members.

St Georgia Girls' School supports and nurtures environment where girls feel comfortable expressing themselves, taking risks and pursuing their interests with reduced social pressures and increased self esteem. We frequently offer numerous leadership opportunities by motivating girls to take on roles such as prefects, class presidents, club leaders instilling a sense of responsibility in them preparing them for future academic and professional endeavours.

We believe in building strong alliance with parents with the help of regular communication to foster a better approach.

Let's proceed towards the coming session with optimism, resilience and a spirit of collaboration. Together lets build a school where every girl child feels valued, supported and empowered to excel.

Mr. Avinash singh
Vice chairman