Class Room Teaching
The conventional classroom teaching of board and duster will be accompanied by SMART CLASS. All the Classroom are equipped with the interactive smart class board of Educomp.

The Science laboratories of the School are equipped with the latest equipment to enhance the practical knowledge of the student in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In Computer Lab all PCs are connected via LAN and equipped with internet and multimedia provisions. Language lab caters to indian language as well as foreign language. Communicative English is taught with the help of audio-Visuals. Group Discussion and Personal interview for the senior classes are taught by a role play method and the concept of language training is an essential part of english lab. The Mathematics laboratory is equipped with the latest aids to help the ypung mathematicians to understand the concept of mathematics and strategy.

Library Cum Resource Centre
The well equipped library with books ranging from encyclopedia to novels and comics will be a daily feature in the life of our students. Reference Books, News Papers, Magazines, CDs and computer Periodicals will be available to both the junior as well as the senior students of the school.

Music, Dance & Theatre
Music is an integral part of life emphasis on both indian and western music will be laid and students will be given training in the various form of music dance and drama.

Media & Entertainment
A multipurpose Hall built inside the campus is to bring about the music talent of the students musical plays, Dramatics, Debates, Group Discussion, movies and parental inter action willo take place on a platform that will give the students an advantage over Media and Entertainment.

A V Room
A separate AV room constructed to seat about a hundred students will be used for video conferencing and watching movies.

Art & Craft
The students of the institution will be trained in the art of toy making, needle work, embroidery and applique work. Book binding, Pottery and sculpture will be a part of the art and craft class along with the various forms of painting.

Group Discussions and Personality development
Regular group discussions and personality development classes will be held in the campus, training the children to bring out their best in fields of debating, Recitation and Public speaking.

Atheletics & Sports
Trained personnel will be conducting organised games such as throwball, Basket ball, Table Tennis, lawn Tennis after school hours. Student will be trained in atheletics to enhance them and instill in them sportswoman ship. Annual Functions, Sports day and celebrations held on 15th of August and 26th of january, will be compulsory for every student to participate.

Math's lab activity to provide an opportunity for the studets to discover mathematics

School Library - 'The Center of Information'

Basketball Ground - 'Where Teamwork makes the Dream Work'